RogueLands Prototype

April 10, 2017 - April 17, 2017

The idea first came to be while watching a video about top-down, prior to that I have been playing a lot of Miscreated with my friend, and that also inspired me, the kind of player-to-player interaction, i really wanted to put an accent on that. I have tried to make the game multiplayer but i have ran out of time. It's also my first 3D project. I will be trying to make some more of these.

Unity3D was used in making this game, i've been learning some C++ in my school, so it hasn't been that hard to adapt to C#, it's actually waaay easier to use even. Adapting to the 3D enviroment wasn't that hard at all actually, the only hard thing was the quaternions, and even that wasn't that hard. It's just some imaginary numbers. 11th grade, right? 

Whilst developing, i've hit a point in the developement where i had to quit since i just gave up on any kind of advance, nothing was really optimised, there were so many bugs, and the project was just a... well.. project, a little prototype i've made so i can play around with Unity's 3D enviroment.